#Unafraid365: Day 15

Impromptu 16 Handles date with Michelle. Brooklyn, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 9

Fall in New England. Williamstown, MA

#Unafraid365: Day 8

The new Sawyer Library. Williams College, Williamstown, MA

#Unafraid365: Day 2

Day 2: Study spot for tonight. Lerner Hall, Columbia University #Unafraid365

#Unafraid365: Day 1

Day 1: Surprise birthday outings today with some of my favorite people. Here’s to another year of being surrounded by love. #Unafraid365

Empire State of Mind

“It’s just the Empire State Building.”

Blaring horns, howling sirens, and flashing lights. People pushing past me as they scrambled to catch their train. The peddlers on the street trying to sell things that no one actually needs… I stood there on the sidewalk staring at it like only a true tourist would. It wasn’t that I had never seen it before. My mind was simply blown by the idea that I could now see it whenever I wanted … Because I live here. Continue reading “Empire State of Mind”