Unafraid Travels: The Bahamas


Portraits of the Unafraid: Rika

How do you define yourself? How would you describe yourself?
I identify as a student, a sister, a daughter, a poet, a survivor or transient homelessness. Racially, I’m extremely mixed, but I identify as African-American. And I’m a girl. I’m basic sometimes, but I’m definitely an intelligent individual. A huge part of my identity also is that I’m a big disciple of Jesus Christ. I treat him as homie, but he’s a big, big part of everything that I identify with.

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#Unafraid365: Day 14

Opera performance in the train station. Manhattan, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 9

Fall in New England. Williamstown, MA

#Unafraid365: Day 8

The new Sawyer Library. Williams College, Williamstown, MA

#Unafraid365: Day 7

Williams College Homecoming Game 2014, Williamstown, MA

#Unafraid365: Day 4

10th Avenue, Manhattan

#Unafraid365: Day 2

Day 2: Study spot for tonight. Lerner Hall, Columbia University #Unafraid365

Weekend Wanderlust: 10/25/2014

Life Unafraid: NYC Life