Words for Today

There is a lot going on in our country right now. Executive orders have been dropping out of this new administration like bombs on our consciousness. I don’t have many words for what’s happening because I’m still processing. Part of me wants to believe that I’m dreaming. Is this our reality? But I did want to share a word of encouragement to my readers. Continue reading “Words for Today”

Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election 

I have a lot of feelings about the 2016 elections. Being a black female in America, the daughter of immigrants, a member of a military family who’s future Commander-In-Chief has just been elected, a social worker who is busting her butt to empower and build up the youth of our society… All of the intersections of my identities are responding, but no matter who won last night the problems in this country were and are not going to be solved by one man or woman.

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