Unafraid Life Lessons – February 2016

I sat down a few days ago and realized that I’ve learned a lot over the last 30ish days. Its easy to just keep moving forward without thinking twice about the past month, but I think its important to take a moment and reflect. So let’s look back, shall we?

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Weekend Wanderlust: Great Barrington, MA

Last weekend some friends and I went on a trip upstate for some winter adventures. (More posts to come about our New Years escapades and our first time skiing!) Here are some of the pics from last week’s shenanigans in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.  Continue reading “Weekend Wanderlust: Great Barrington, MA”

Weekend Wanderlust: 10.17.2015

How do you celebrate the 24th birthday of one of your best friends? You surround her with some of her favorite things: chocolate, glitter and best friends.

This past weekend we spent a night at Voila Chocolat creating beautiful sugary works of art and priceless memories.  Continue reading “Weekend Wanderlust: 10.17.2015”

Portraits of the Unafraid: Rika

How do you define yourself? How would you describe yourself?
I identify as a student, a sister, a daughter, a poet, a survivor or transient homelessness. Racially, I’m extremely mixed, but I identify as African-American. And I’m a girl. I’m basic sometimes, but I’m definitely an intelligent individual. A huge part of my identity also is that I’m a big disciple of Jesus Christ. I treat him as homie, but he’s a big, big part of everything that I identify with.

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#Unafraid365: Day 16

Harlem, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 14

Opera performance in the train station. Manhattan, NY

Portraits of the Unafraid: Jackie

How do you define yourself? How would you describe yourself?
I’m family-oriented. I love my family. Friends-oriented after that. I love my friends, who are my family, so family-oriented.

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#Unafraid365: Day 10

Visit to Brooklyn College today with our high schoolers.

#Unafraid365: Day 9

Fall in New England. Williamstown, MA

#Unafraid365: Day 8

The new Sawyer Library. Williams College, Williamstown, MA