Marathon Day is Here!

The big day is tomorrow! The 2017 TSC NYC Marathon has finally arrived! If you’ve ever been in NYC for the marathon then you already know that the entire city comes together for one day of crazy, exhilarating, insanity. There are many of you who have sent me messages asking how you can show some love on race day. Here’s how: Continue reading “Marathon Day is Here!”

Midweek Meditation: Am I Enough?

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you’re afraid to even try? If you’re like me then you have a million things that you want to do with your life. But it feels like every time I gather enough courage to take the first step my mind gets clouded with doubt: What if I fail? What if I fall on my face? What if I look crazy?

The more important question that we should be asking ourselves is “what if I don’t?”

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Portraits of the Unafraid: Rika

How do you define yourself? How would you describe yourself?
I identify as a student, a sister, a daughter, a poet, a survivor or transient homelessness. Racially, I’m extremely mixed, but I identify as African-American. And I’m a girl. I’m basic sometimes, but I’m definitely an intelligent individual. A huge part of my identity also is that I’m a big disciple of Jesus Christ. I treat him as homie, but he’s a big, big part of everything that I identify with.

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Empire State of Mind

“It’s just the Empire State Building.”

Blaring horns, howling sirens, and flashing lights. People pushing past me as they scrambled to catch their train. The peddlers on the street trying to sell things that no one actually needs… I stood there on the sidewalk staring at it like only a true tourist would. It wasn’t that I had never seen it before. My mind was simply blown by the idea that I could now see it whenever I wanted … Because I live here. Continue reading “Empire State of Mind”