25 Glorious Rotations Around the Sun

I don’t know what I thought turning 25 would feel like. Honestly, today I feel kind of speechless. Grateful, loved, blessed, and speechless. Continue reading “25 Glorious Rotations Around the Sun”

My 24th Chapter: Unafraid and Unfiltered

Today I turn 24. For me, my Chapter 24 starts right now and I’m planning on doing a couple things differently over this next year. Continue reading “My 24th Chapter: Unafraid and Unfiltered”

Words of Gratitude from Copake Lake

As I write this I am cuddled up with a giant mug of hot chocolate and the coziest blanket, looking out over Copake Lake. To celebrate a friend’s birthday/New Years (and because we’re always up for an adventure) my friends and I have traveled farther upstate for a week of shenanigans in the mountains. (Don’t worry there are glorious pictures to come!)

Continue reading “Words of Gratitude from Copake Lake”

Becoming Unafraid

Today is my 23rd birthday. 23 years I’ve been on this planet and I have a whole lot of memories behind me to show for it. I have more blessings in my life than I could ever have asked for and amazing people in my life that I just don’t deserve. I am eternally grateful. I don’t know how I got here. I feel like every time I blink another week goes by, another month, another year. It’s like life’s been passing me by while I sit on the sidelines. Continue reading “Becoming Unafraid”