Empire State of Mind

“It’s just the Empire State Building.”

Blaring horns, howling sirens, and flashing lights. People pushing past me as they scrambled to catch their train. The peddlers on the street trying to sell things that no one actually needs… I stood there on the sidewalk staring at it like only a true tourist would. It wasn’t that I had never seen it before. My mind was simply blown by the idea that I could now see it whenever I wanted … Because I live here.

For years people have poured into New York City by the thousands with their suitcases full of dreams and their pockets full of hope, searching for that one chance they need that will change everything. There are those who come here and become everything they’ve ever wanted to be. Some stars never shine their brightest. Other stars are never born here.

Everyone has a dream that they’re too scared to even speak out loud. We all have that one hope that we’re too afraid to share because we know it sounds crazy. But isn’t that the beauty of a dream? How much is it worth if it doesn’t scare you even a little? When it comes down to it, we all want the same thing: to do something important and to be remembered.

It seems as though I constantly have to remind myself that losing isn’t failure. Failure is not trying in the first place.

So this is my Unafraid. This is me facing my fears in the crazy loud, ridiculously chaotic, breathtakingly historic city that never sleeps. Trying to do something important. Trying to find a way to be remembered.

And if I ever lose my way, forget why I’m here, or I’m tempted to become immobilized by fear, I may just have to take a second to stand alone in the middle of the busy New York City sidewalk, and find the Empire State Building in the New York City skyline.

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