Back Like I Never Left

Hello loves! It’s been a while. I’ve missed you since last year. How has 2018 been treating you?

I’d like to say that I made a conscious decision to take a break from the blog for a while, but that’s just not true. Life happened. Continue reading “Back Like I Never Left”

25 Glorious Rotations Around the Sun

I don’t know what I thought turning 25 would feel like. Honestly, today I feel kind of speechless. Grateful, loved, blessed, and speechless. Continue reading “25 Glorious Rotations Around the Sun”

Becoming Unafraid

Today is my 23rd birthday. 23 years I’ve been on this planet and I have a whole lot of memories behind me to show for it. I have more blessings in my life than I could ever have asked for and amazing people in my life that I just don’t deserve. I am eternally grateful. I don’t know how I got here. I feel like every time I blink another week goes by, another month, another year. It’s like life’s been passing me by while I sit on the sidelines. Continue reading “Becoming Unafraid”

2 Quick Tips On How to Avoid Burnout This Semester

For some of us the new school year has begun, which means new notebooks, fresh paper and shiny new pens. If your anything like me the new-school-year excitement is likely to soon fade into stress and exhaustion. Its easy to let reading assignments, papers and general school anxiety bury us and become overwhelming… unless we do something to avoid it. Continue reading “2 Quick Tips On How to Avoid Burnout This Semester”

5 Things I Learned From My NYC Move

Moving is never easy, especially in New York City. The amount of chaos here is on a whole different level. Even finding an apartment takes skills that I’m convinced only real New Yorkers even know exist (If you’ve ever tried to find housing here you already know exactly what I’m talking about!) These are just a few things that I learned from my battle to find my housing in this crazy city. Continue reading “5 Things I Learned From My NYC Move”

NYC Summer Bucket List: The Summer that Never Sleeps

Summer is here, which means the days of flip flops, ice cream cones, and longs walks on the beach are upon us. With a million things to do in the city and only so many summer days to spare, my friends and I decided that we needed a summer bucket list (obviously!). Continue reading “NYC Summer Bucket List: The Summer that Never Sleeps”

Homecoming Means Coming Home

Two weeks ago I went to my college’s homecoming. Decked out in our school colors and packing as much school pride as possible, alums and current students flocked to campus to cheer on our team and revisit their college experience, if only for a weekend. 

Some people have said that college was the best four years of their life. I’m only five months out, but I would like to believe that isn’t true. I would hope that things just keep getting better from here.   Continue reading “Homecoming Means Coming Home”

Empire State of Mind

“It’s just the Empire State Building.”

Blaring horns, howling sirens, and flashing lights. People pushing past me as they scrambled to catch their train. The peddlers on the street trying to sell things that no one actually needs… I stood there on the sidewalk staring at it like only a true tourist would. It wasn’t that I had never seen it before. My mind was simply blown by the idea that I could now see it whenever I wanted … Because I live here. Continue reading “Empire State of Mind”