Portraits of the Unafraid: Jessica Moulite, Video Producer at The Root

Incredibly motivated, refreshingly authentic, and ridiculously hilarious are only some of the words that come to mind when I think of Jessica Moulite. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her in person then you’ll understand what I mean! Keep reading to learn how she’s shaping culture and taking on New York City by storm.

Felecia: You recently moved to New York City. What’s your experience been like so far?

Jessica: It has been quite the adjustment. New York City certainly lives up to its nickname of being a place where the people never sleep and always hustle. I like to envision myself as a protagonist in a series about my move from Miami to NYC, just living, learning and taking in the city how I can. I’m ready for what’s sure to be an amazing season 2—also known as my second year of living here!

Felecia: Tell us about your work. How did you end up where you are now?

Jessica: I attended graduate school at the University of Southern California (fight on!) and one of my really good friends from school reached out to me years later about an open headcount for a Video Producer on her team at The Root. I’d been living and working in Miami for three and a half years for Fusion and later Univision when the opportunity came to move to a new city and work for one of my favorite news outlets specifically catered to the Black community. I had to take it!

Felecia: Your reporting covers a wide range of topics. What are the stories that speak to you the most?

Jessica: A phrase that I live by is, “telling stories people can’t tell themselves.” And oftentimes, that’s not because of one’s inability to speak up for themselves but rather due to systemic disenfranchisement of particular communities. I love consuming and telling stories about communities of color, specifically Black communities, immigrant communities, women, queer folks, and people with disabilities who are often relegated to the margins of media coverage and society as a whole.

Felecia: What’s the most fun you’ve had during an interview?

Jessica: I host a video series for The Root called “The Range” where different experts come together to have panel discussions on contemporary issues that matter. Prior to filming the pilot, my team and I decided our discussion topic would the relationship between millennials, dating, and mental health. (You can check out the full conversation here. It’s worth the watch!) All of the panelists were mental health professionals and during the course of our conversation, the topic of giving dates more than one chance came up. One expert even suggested to give a potential partner three dates before deciding to call it quits because sometimes life happens and we’re not at our best on a first or even second date. But just hearing that advice was so confusing that I posed him a question, “with the same person?” And everyone burst out laughing because clearly I have not been taking that advice, haha. Considering the fact it was the first installment of “The Range” and it was also my birthday, that interview moments has to hands down be my favorite—for now!

Unrelated, it was definitely cool to have an unprompted “Wakanda forever” moment with Yara Shahidi, too! 

Felecia: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Jessica: Smart, critical, and passionate. 

Felecia: What do you think it means to be “unafraid”?

Jessica: Being “unafraid” means living honestly, regardless of any potential repercussions or other people’s opinions. It’s easier said than done, but we should all seek to be truthful, bold, and unafraid! We owe it to ourselves.

You can follow Jessica and her dream by heading over to  her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Photos provided by Jessica Moulite.

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