Marathon Day is Here!

The big day is tomorrow! The 2017 TSC NYC Marathon has finally arrived! If you’ve ever been in NYC for the marathon then you already know that the entire city comes together for one day of crazy, exhilarating, insanity. There are many of you who have sent me messages asking how you can show some love on race day. Here’s how:

The Course
The 26.2 mile course snakes through all of NYC’s five boroughs, so no matter where you are in the city you can make your way to the sidelines. Click HERE to see the full map of the course and the list of nearby train stations.


The Marathon App

This app is amazing and it’s the best thing you can do for yourself on race day. Once the race starts it’ll show you in real time where your runner is on the map and how far they are from you. It also lets you type and send messages to your runner which will show up on the big screens next to the course throughout the race.

Step 1:  Follow THIS LINK to download the TCS NYC Marathon app.
Step 2: Click on “Track Runners”. You can search for me by either typing in “Felecia Farrell” or my bib number ” 45263″
Step 3: Enjoy the day!

In past years I’ve cheered from the sidelines with my beloved Harlem Run at our Mile 22 cheer station and the energy of all of NYC is electric on marathon day. Honestly, my goal isn’t to have a great finish time at the end of the race. I’m still getting over a knee injury from training and I don’t completely know what to expect from tomorrow. Part of me is still wondering why in the world I signed myself up to do something so crazy, but there’s a bigger part of me that is excited beyond words. Either way one thing I’m sure of  is that I want to enjoy every second of race day tomorrow.

See you on the other side!

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