Portrait of the Unafraid: Marguerite Alexis On Her “I Am” Album

If you haven’t heard of Marguerite Alexis then you’ve simply been missing out. Besides being an incredible soul with a huge heart, Marguerite has a voice that drops jaws and can leave you speechless. Her album, I Am, comes out out on September 15 and thankfully she was willing to sit and answer some questions about her EP and her love of all things music.

Felecia: I’ve known you for a long time and there’s probably never a moment when you’re not singing a song or humming a tune. Where did your love for music come from?

Marguerite: My love for music has been inside of me all my life. I’ve been singing since I was three years old in church. I remember singing in my mom’s arms at church growing up with South LA. I grew up in an Episcopal church so we sang hymnals– from then I was always humming to the music. I think it also comes from my grandmother, Lucille. She is currently 99 years old and will be turning 100 in December. She grew up in Belize, singing all over town as a young person in church, choirs, etc. I did the same, from singing in the church youth choir, to later performing in choir at my middle school/high school LACES from 6th-12th grade. My love for music comes from hearing my older brother and sister playing the R&B/Soul and Hip Hop greats while I was growing up. My sister Missy would bump Destiny’s Child’s “Say my Name” every morning before school when I was in elementary. I grew up hearing her play artists like Aaliyah, Selena, and TLC. When I was in middle school my brother Alex bumped dope Hip Hop with the artists on his personal tape playlist like Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Q-Tip, and one of my favorites, Camp Lo’s classic song “Luchini (This is It)”. Because of them, I was exposed at a young age to great music, and so my love for R&B/Soul and Hip Hop music thus began.

Felecia: If there’s one thing your listeners should know about you what would it be?

Marguerite: Wow, one thing, that’s so tough! I’d want my listeners to know that I am just like them. A young woman with a dream: a dream of spreading hope, positivity, and love through my music. I struggle too, just like we all do. I have my bad days, my days where I don’t feel like working this hard and pursuing such a big dream. However, it’s my steadfast faith in God that keeps me. I know the dream He placed in my heart, which is to make music that speaks to people, to use my voice to touch someone and help them through their day.

Felecia: Why did you choose “Road to Recovery” to be the first song released from the album?

Marguerite: I chose “Road to Recovery” as the first song off the EP because I felt that it truly reflected me— Marguerite Alexis, and the most core parts of who I am. Growing up in South L.A. I saw and have experienced so much injustice, particularly as it relates to my racial identity as a Black woman. This song reflected my personal emotional struggles around racial injustice, but also the idea that freedom, love, and hope prevail. There’s a line in the song that says, “chasin the dream,”— this dream is part of Dr. King’s dream that “one day we could all be free.” My ancestry as a Afro-Latin, Caribbean, West Indian, and Black American is close to my heart. “Road to Recovery” is about dialogue, uniting, and working together across racial and ethnic lines— hence thinking about the dream Dr. King set forth for us. It celebrates love, growth, grounded faith and community— which is the epitome of my EP, “ I Am.”

Felecia: The song has references to a lot the violence happening around the country right now. Tell me more about what message you want the song to send.

Marguerite: When I wrote this song, I wanted a song that would pay tribute to those we have lost while also bringing hope. I want listeners to honor those we’ve lost and think about what it means collectively to really experience freedom for all. While this song focuses on Black lives in particular, I also think about all marginalized communities when I sing the line, “Freedom is Alive.” I will never stop believing that one day, whether it’s beyond my lifetime, that all of our children can be free- regardless of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion, or disability.

Felecia: I know this song is just a taste of who you are. What can your listeners expect to from your EP release in September?

Marguerite: Listeners can expect to hear a variety of sounds. They can expect to hear songs like Who is Marguerite?, about who I am, where I come from, my inspirations and my faith. Songs like Make it Last Forever and Ease your Mind Interlude, make the listener feel like moving smoothly on the dance floor or in their living room, worry-free and carefree. The I Am EP is a road map of my birth, identity, growth, and purpose as a young Black woman of God who loves her people and life itself. Get ready for a musical compilation of love, joy, pain, and a beautiful path to healing.

You can follow Marguerite and her dream by heading over to her website and follow her adventures on her YouTube and her Instagram. And don’t forget to buy the album! Available everywhere September 15th!


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