Unafraid Life Lessons – July 2017

Hello loves! Its been a while since I’ve posted anything. To be honest I’ve been caught up with summer jobs, family weddings, and building new friendships. Let’s catch up and get back in the groove, shall we?

1. Go with the flow.

I met someone recently who seems to live their life by this motto. I’m not a go-with-the-flow kind of person. Give me a calendar to organize, let me make a plan, or show me a schedule and I feel like I’m in control. Tell me to “go with the flow” and I have to force myself not to break out in hives. In reality, we can’t control everything. That’s not how life works. There are times when you have no choice but to sit back and just see how things turn out. It’s hard, but I’m trying to learn how to relax.

2. Open your heart to new things.

Trying new things can be crazy difficult. New jobs can come with new responsibilities, new friendships can require you to be vulnerable in ways you’ve never been before, and life in general can just be messy. There is surprising beauty to be found in the complicated messiness of life. Try to embrace it. You may be surprised by what you find.

3. Fight the urge to overthink.

Sometimes my thoughts lead me into a downward spiral. I assume something about a situation and five minutes later I’ve already planned out at least ten ways that everything can go horribly wrong. I have a habit of getting in my own way and I know I’m not the only one… Why do we do that? Is it because we’re afraid to get our hopes up? Is because we don’t think we deserve the blessings that are coming our way? I’m not sure of the reason, but I do know I don’t want to do it anymore. Let’s take a deep breathe and just take it one step at a time. Overthinking never helped anyone.


Love & Light,

Felecia Shanice ❤



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