Unafraid Life Lessons – February 2017

Hey loves, how’s 2017 been treating you? I hope that you’re taking care of yourself. February is the shortest month of the year so we’re going to keep these lessons simple, short, and sweet. Are you ready?

1. If you don’t make time for yourself, no one else will.

This year I’m trying to be very intentional about where I put my energy. Too often we spend so much of our energy doing things that don’t matter or with people we don’t even like. This month I started to practice making time for me, whether that meant curling up with a book on the couch, taking a walk, or buying myself a small cup of hot chocolate on the way home. I’m still working on getting better at self-care, but it’s the small things that will make a big change in the way that you feel.

2. Being spontaneous is sometimes the best thing you can do.

In last last few weeks its been my unplanned moments that have given me the most joy. Try do something unplanned at least once this upcoming week. Take a different random route to get to work, try something new, or pause to talk to a stranger instead of ignoring them. You never know who you’ll meet or what adventure you’ll get into.

3. Be okay with how small you are in the grand scheme of things.

I say that in the best way possible. For me, February had many humbling moments that forced me to pause and remember just how big life is. Like celebrating a new baby that will soon be born into my family. Like standing at the edge of the Atlantic ocean on a beach in Cuba looking at the massive sea stretch out in front of me. Like not knowing how to support a friend who has recently lost a family member. Its easy to get caught up in our own bubble and forget that there are bigger things going on around us. We have to remember that the world is so much bigger and our lives have more meaning than we could ever imagine. Embrace your smallness. The perspective that it gives you is priceless.

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