Words for Today

There is a lot going on in our country right now. Executive orders have been dropping out of this new administration like bombs on our consciousness. I don’t have many words for what’s happening because I’m still processing. Part of me wants to believe that I’m dreaming. Is this our reality? But I did want to share a word of encouragement to my readers.

Please take care of yourself. Breathe. Remember we are in a critical time in the fabric of history. Remember that we have strength in numbers and that in the end love always wins over hate. Panic is not productive. Action cures fear. Just because we cry does not mean that we are not powerful. Together we are enough. Think about what you stand for and why. Think about how you would explain what’s going on right now to your future children. What you will tell them about who you stood with in this moment? I hope we’re all thinking critically about the times that we’re in and the state of our world today. Now is not the time to be unaware. If  you don’t see what’s going on around us then it’s because your eyes are not open.

I’m praying for us all.

With much love and solidarity,

Felecia Shanice

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