Hello 2017

2017 is here and I am beyond excited for all of the things that lie ahead.

For me 2016 was life-changing. I started working on my own business, finished my master’s degree, landed a full-time job that I’ve fallen in love with, became a licensed social worker, made new friends, joined a blogging community, was hired as a teaching artist, developed long-time relationships, and learned more about myself than I can even begin to tell you. The past year was crazy and wonderful and, at times, a little rocky, but by the grace of God I’m still standing. For that I’m grateful.

Growing is a life-long process. It happens each time we choose to reflect on the mistakes that we make or are willing to face the dark parts of ourselves that we would rather hide from. Its not easy and it takes practice, but I’m trying and I know that’s the first step.

This year I believe that we can continue to press further and stretch ourselves farther than we thought possible. You are the embodiment of infinite possibilities.

2017 will be a year when we live consciously, love extravagantly, and breathe deeply. We will embrace how beautifully complex we  are. We will surprise ourselves all of the awesomeness that’s about to come our way.

2017 is going to be incredible. I already know it.

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