Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election 

I have a lot of feelings about the 2016 elections. Being a black female in America, the daughter of immigrants, a member of a military family who’s future Commander-In-Chief has just been elected, a social worker who is busting her butt to empower and build up the youth of our society… All of the intersections of my identities are responding, but no matter who won last night the problems in this country were and are not going to be solved by one man or woman.

My prayer is that those who haven’t known before begin to understand that changing your community requires more than standing in a polling booth once every four years and filling out a ballot. State and local elections have and always will matter. Do you know who your City Councilperson is? When was the last time that you went to a townhall meeting in your neighborhood to address your concerns? Have you served the community around you or simply used its resources for your own gain? The work that must be done to heal this nation did not begin or end yesterday. We all have work to do.

I pray that we will see a radical revolution of community organizing, social justice, all types of art, unconditional love and unfailing light. My hope is not, and has never been in one man or woman, be they the President of the United States, my partner, my best friends, my parents, or any one in my family. God alone is my strength and the keeper of my future. Because of that today I am totally at peace. I’m not worried about anything.

Always forward.

Always. ❤


Photo credit: Image provided by Pixabay

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