Midweek Meditation: The Waiting

Current Read/ Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes

Current Listen/ “Whole” by Jonathan McReynolds featuring India.Arie

Current Love/ My new Canon Rebel T6s (!)

I’m in transition. I’m in between. I’m waiting.

We’ve all been there, partway between your last adventure and your next challenge. I’ve finished my summer job and a week ago and I’m waiting for my next one to begin. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of waiting. I don’t like long lines, it bothers me when people walk slowly in front of me, and I rarely wait for my food to cool down enough for me to not burn my mouth when eating it. I have a habit of being impatient, but lately, I’ve been learning that patience really is a virtue.

It is in waiting that growth happens. Our character isn’t developed by us getting everything we want when we want it. That is how people become spoiled and ungrateful. I’m doing by best to use my mini staycation to catch up with friends, work on my photography business, and study for my professional license exam.

There’s a balance to be found between productivity and rest. Without rest, you cannot be productive. So I’m embracing the transition. I’m accepting the in-between. I’m waiting. Most importantly, I’m learning patience.

Are you in transition too? If you are, how are you coping with the waiting?

(Photo credit: Pic was taken by photographer @freako.vasquez. Click HERE to head over to his Instagram page and check out his beautiful work!)

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