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Homecoming Means Coming Home

Two weeks ago I went to my college’s homecoming. Decked out in our school colors and packing as much school pride as possible, alums and current students flocked to campus to cheer on our team and revisit their college experience, if only for a weekend. 

Some people have said that college was the best four years of their life. I’m only five months out, but I would like to believe that isn’t true. I would hope that things just keep getting better from here.   Continue reading “Homecoming Means Coming Home”

#Unafraid365: Day 18

Harlem, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 17

Bowling with the students for Veterans Day. Brooklyn, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 16

Harlem, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 15

Impromptu 16 Handles date with Michelle. Brooklyn, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 14

Opera performance in the train station. Manhattan, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 13

Books. Brooklyn, NY

#Unafraid365: Day 12

Study spot for the night. Butler Library, Columbia University.

#Unafraid365: Day 11

Breaking the Silence. An event by Columbia School of Social Work’s Black Caucus.